Our Mission

At Oyster Orthodontics, formerly Donaghey Orthodontics, we value your time and work together to create efficient, personalized treatment plans in a welcoming environment. Our greatest honor is serving generations of families who continue to trust us with their smiles. 

Our orthodontists, Dr. Steven Oliver and Dr. James B. Donaghey, prioritize personalized orthodontic treatment planning for your pearly whites. For families looking for an affordable way to brighten their child’s smile, and adults looking to freshen their smile through braces and Invisalign, Oyster Ortho offers flexible financing options for all.

Led and owned by the same dedicated team, we continue to build a legacy of beautiful smiles this community has trusted for 40 years.

No-Wait Appointment Commitment

The Oyster Orthodontics team values your time, so we make sure our office runs smoothly and patients are seen on time. We are committed to stay on schedule so our patients can tackle the rest of their day stress free.

To help us do this, please remember that your orthodontist appointment time has been reserved specifically for you or your child with your specific treatment requirements in mind. If you arrive late, we may not have enough time to complete your scheduled procedure. We know that emergencies happen and unforeseen events can make you miss an appointment. If possible, please give a 24-hour notice if you know you cannot keep an appointment. Also, remember that rescheduling appointments may make your treatment longer.

Oyster Orthodontics usually see our patients at six to eight-week intervals. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule in making appointments for you or your child (as long as treatment is not compromised), but please be aware that some complex procedures can only be completed in the morning or early afternoon hours.

If you choose not to stay at our office during your child’s appointment, please check with the front desk before leaving so that you will know when to return and the patient can be picked up promptly.